Baburam's Charming Success: Sell the Chau home and car

Baburam's Charming Success: Sell the Chau home and car

12 Mag, Chitwan The number of young people going abroad can not be done within the country. Every day, young man has gone to the country searching for labor. However, the state's parental role has not been able to showcase the way that they can do something inside the country.

One of the many examples that can be made indefinite by small capital sitting in the country, Chitwan Kakar Municipality-3, Chau producer Farmer Baburam KC. He is now earning millions of millions of people by spending labor and skull in the soil.

The lesson taught by the conflict

Baburam has not achieved this success at once. To reach this stage, he has exceededly scolded.

The farmer had a lot of dhoti in the early days to save livestock. The farming plant also had wild food. So, how many days later, how many people were? Today, India came to work with labor. It was 20 years ago. However, there was no thought. He returned home by taking a dream to do something in his own country.

Nepal came to work at some time and also started work at the office. As long as life was getting worse. In 056, the National Nature Conservation Fund, Saurahha, provided training to the dependent community in the forest to provide production. Protection of wildlife was its main objective. Initially, 10 people with KC trained. "There were no rupees worth 15 rupees in training at that time," KC said while addressing his delicate economic situation.

He learned all the process of fry production from training. He did not keep the things he learned in his heart, but also took it into practice. Three packet flour seeds and 10 thousand rupees were found. Plant the taufied lime, for the sake of survival. For the first time, 35 kg fuels were produced. Sell ??it and buy it again. Slowly increase the farming. Baburam has been ranked as big tea farmers in Chitwan district.

In the past 19 years, Tea has made great happiness in his life. Life is the new feeling of life. 'Since the time the rice began to begin, I went on my own day,' KC said in a fair exchange.

KC has now cultivated two more difficulties in the last six to six hardships by not having 6 difficulty land owned by itself. Months earn more than one million from the sauce. Casey, who started farming from the flock, now has 6 large houses in Chau. His wife Sita KC has been helping. At some time searching for work, go to India, the father of Baburam Chau gives employment to 12-15 people.

He has 36 tunnels. Usually 16/26 tables are stored in the tanks. The cost of Rs 170 comes with a tonnel. Three kawas are prepared on it. It takes a month-to-date strain. In four months the chauis ready and get to the market.

KC has also sown seeds of fry from its own firm. He told that he used to sell more seeds of sauce seeds other than he used to sell. Earlier the seeds of sauce should be brought from Kathmandu. However, after various problems, seeds started on their own firm, KC. He has also opened the Bio Production Lab.

Five years ago, he has been selling and selling bay seeds. He feeds seed to 14 thousand packages. Sell ??other surviving other farmers. According to him, seed seeds are ready in two months.

From the car to the car to the Gudri

Baburam KC ran on a bike before planting the tauf. Even for few years of farming, he passed with a bike bicycle. By keeping the same cycle on the same bicycle, he used to sow the produce of a torn and dump it up to the city. 'Butwal, I have experienced selling tables on the bike to Hetauda with me,' said KC.

A few years later, Narayanagarh became a dancer to go to the bike and keep a bicycle in the car with a bicycle and put it on a bicycle. He has still kept the bicycle hanging at home. The chau is located in a cylinder inside the house while the bicycle is in danger. The bicycles provided by the sufferers did not like to sell them.

After buying a motorcycle. Now buy a car and selling it in chaue. They have brought to the car to the vegetable mandary of Narayanagarh. He has also added 3 difficulty land to 50 million from the garbage. They have three children.

Baburam is pleased to give them good education and initiation from the same income as well. He has made two-floor fitted houses by cultivating fry. All technological ingredients required for farming are added. KC families of the time to seek loan for 15 rupees to participate in the first training, now living more than one million rupees in the village.

How to become a farmer?

KC tells us to get basic information to become a farmer. For those interested in doing the work, information about how to make a sauce needs information. Farmer needs straw cutting machine, buffer drum, plastic and bee. The tunnel requires bamboo and plastic. It can be made by keeping a lot of sacks. He experiences the experience being better than tin. Even when the windmills are worried, the structure should be prepared.

Need to be cleaned for a walk. Cut the smallest piece into the gray machine and wash it cleanly. Water should be screwed up Then, fill in the plants of the plastic and fill in a hot water drum. After placing a drum in the drum, the pancake should be kept in a single clean room one day.

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