Prime Minister's response to the case of Govind case- it should not be very worried!

Prime Minister's response to the case of Govind case- it should not be very worried!

12th March, Kathmandu. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has returned home Saturday morning after traveling to Switzerland for 6 days long. While the prime minister was abroad, there were three political incidents in Nepal. A- Peer Medical Education Bill passed to the opposition party. Two-Western countries issued joint statement in the United Nations banners. And, three- CPN-M president Prachand issued a statement condemning the American role regarding Venezuela.

Prime Minister Oli and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gyawali, who was traveling from Europe, was returning to Europe, the news of the journalists who had gathered at the airport on Saturday sat on these political issues. Journalist Dr. Oli to the press office. Govind asked the question repeatedly about the case. However, the prime minister returned the answer that it was not a matter of great and humble.

Journalist Rishi Dhamala, who is asking for aggressive questions, especially the 'dignity', said that Prime Minister Oli asked a vigilant question in the high voltage room at the airport.

'When you are abroad, the Medical Education Bill has passed. Dr. Yadav said that the agreement with Govind KCV has not been resolved, completely implemented. How did you ask for your request? Prime Minister, why did you break the agreement with Govind KC on September 1? There is also Sushav Nemangji, that's not exactly what the people want to know! '

The Prime Minister did not immediately answer the threat of the threat. Instead, some other questions were asked by journalists, saying the friends?

Another question came to the Prime Minister by the press of the journalist- 'While you are in Switzerland, you have addressed the session of Future Future for Democracy. What international issues have you raised regarding the security and communications policy that you have adopted?

The Prime Minister asked the journalist- 'Something else?'

The question came from a female attendant, "here is a lot of congratulations for Switzerland to visit. What's the matter for Nepal? In the bank of Switzerland, 55 Nepali people have held allegiance money, what about the matter?

The Prime Minister again asked the journalist- 'Something else?'

And, after not getting further questions, Prime Minister Oli started responding.

Prime Minister Oli suggested to reside in the dignity of the media and other areas, who tried to argue as far as possible in the question of Govind KC. He also tried to define democracy.

Prime Minister Oli said from the airport.

Democracy, Media and Dignity

I might have tried to get a little clear on the basis of false information or the effect of wrong publicity, without knowing the facts about what ideas I have taken about 'the nature of the culture of democracy' in the Davis. However, after I had cleared it was not possible to explain any other meaning.

I should make democracy right in all the fields of politics, economic, and social, through the election, the public is called a democratically elected system of electrically elected representatives.

However, the democratic system is not limited to that. The sovereignty of choosing their representatives is not limited to the sovereignty of the masses, the widespread, universalism. The universal public is not the only universal public right to vote. All rights, equality, and respect are equally entitled to respect. And, sovereignty is complete.

In relation to the press, I talked about press freedom. Press is a respected area. To inform the public, to educate, such an area. And, keep in mind that there should be no pressures, rights deductions or statements on this field.

And, as the press is very important, the press has said that one journal journalism, which does not hurt the person, family, or society by misguiding the responsibility, responsible for the rights of others, respecting the rights of others, respecting others's rights and inappropriately misguided by the press. Do not drink journalism like this. Dedicated, such press.

No one should have two votes, that such media is necessary. No matter whether the importance has been reduced or independence freedom such things are limited or controlled. And, there is no confusion.

Next, on the other hand, I am just arriving today. I have to understand this very well. Conversation, based on argument, problem solving, based on logic facts and not motivating motivations, by keeping the interests of the country, keeping the dignity of the constitution, laws and institutions, above the constitution, is no more than the law. All are equal in the eyes of the law. And, the institutions we need to learn to dignify. And, I do not feel like adding more.

I did not go to Switzerland's bank accounts

Next, I did not go to Switzerland's bank accounts. I was a participant in the International Economic Forum program in Davos, Switzerland.

In the timing of how accurately, how wrong, how many reasons are raised about these hills, how many truths are raised. The government has talked about the media

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