Google Maps Adding Photo Radar Warnings For Drivers

Drivers using Google Maps have become a ultimate-minute warning as they technique some image radar digicam locations.

The function, which is presently being rolled out through Google, permits users to look speed limits, velocity cameras and cell speed cameras on the map earlier than they leave.

It also offers a verbal caution — an automatic voice pronouncing "speed digital camera beforehand" — whilst drivers are near a fixed speed digicam.

Police in Calgary say the feature is beneficial to them.

"The largest factor we adore ... Is we location those (cameras) via collision statistics," said Sgt. Joerg Gottschling of the Calgary Police Service traffic phase. "If we do a new web page, if we're going to set up a brand new digicam, the following web site is usually selected through the next maximum crash site.

"Our intersection locations are all determined wherein we are looking to remove collisions."

Gottschling stated they've had up to a 50 per cent reduction in collisions in a few regions where the ones cameras are stationed.

With Google Maps, he mentioned, all drivers drawing near the constant camera intersection get the warning.

"That digicam is only going through one way," stated Gottschling. "Let's say it is best going through northbound, but you may method southbound or eastbound ... You're nonetheless going to get Google telling you warning.

Some customers can record cell velocity cameras
"So you are going to pass slowly and carefully through there which, lo and behold, is actually what we need."

Google said in an email that there may also be an capability for android customers to document cellular velocity cameras and desk bound cameras.

The generation organization stated there may be no plan to merge Google Maps with Waze, a network-based visitors and navigation app that permits drivers to percentage actual-time site visitors and road facts.

The Alberta authorities is making modifications to prevent photo radar from being used as a "cash cow" by means of municipalities.

As part of the changes, which can be predicted by means of June, radar may be banned at spots in which the velocity restrict changes on highways. It also may not be allowed on high-pace, multi-lane highways except there may be documented evidence of protection issues.

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