YouTube Bans Dangerous Pranks And Stunts In Wake Of 'Bird Box' Challenge

YouTube is cracking down on unstable prank and mission films amid a wave of users committing outrageous stunts, like driving a automobile at the same time as blindfolded, for viral repute.

The video-sharing web page announced Tuesday that it'll restrict any content “that encourages dangerous activities which might be likely to bring about extreme damage.”

“While it might not seem fair to say you may’t show something due to what viewers might do in response, we draw the line at Content that intends to incite violence or inspire risky or illegal activities that have an inherent threat of serious physical damage or loss of life,” YouTube’s website states.

Google, which owns YouTube, especially noted the Tide Pod task and the Fire undertaking as examples of stunts that could result in harm or demise.

A latest craze popping up on YouTube is the “Bird Box” challenge, wherein individuals blindfold themselves before assignment ordinary activities like strolling, exercise, crossing a hectic road or driving a car.

In a specifically egregious instance of a YouTube challenge long past incorrect, a 19-yr-old female filmed herself fatally capturing her boyfriend in 2017 for a stunt they hoped would pass viral.

YouTube’s guidelines also goal motion pictures that inflict emotional injury onto someone.

“We don’t permit pranks that make victims agree with they’re in extreme physical chance — as an instance, a domestic invasion prank or a drive-by way of shooting prank,” the business enterprise said. “We additionally don’t allow pranks that purpose children to experience extreme emotional distress, meaning some thing so bad that it is able to depart the kid traumatized for lifestyles.”

Users observed to be violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines will acquire moves, which they'll be capable of enchantment.

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