High Quality Fiber Optic Splice Tent For Fiber Cabling Contractors

Now anybody enjoys the convenience of emails, immediate message, super internet sites or even VoIP phone calls that high velocity fiber optic communique network provides. But have you ever ever puzzled how the ones magic fiber optic cables are hooked up from San Francisco to New York?

One mystery weapon all those fiber optic cable installers ought to have to overcome the difficult mission of putting in fiber cables in 50mph windy days, one hundred twenty°F warm summers and -40°C freezing winters: A high excellent fiber optic splice tent.

Fiber optic splice tents provide out of doors plant fiber installers a peaceful paintings area even in those harsh outdoor environments. They are extraordinarily portable (in maximum instances) and may face up to up to 60mph wind.

Some fiber work tents have a reflective suncap to effectively lessen temperatures in the tent. Typically, temperatures interior of a fiber optic splice tent may be decreased to twenty% beneath outdoor temperatures. The suncap is manufactured from metalized cloth, designed to reflect the sun’s heat rays.

Some tents are designed for aerial line work. They have rotatable clamps so the tent can be fixed to a strand or gate shield without any extra hardware. They even have fiberglass legs for delivered protection.

Fiber work tents are available in many exceptional sizes and configurations. They variety from 4’x4’x6.5’ as much as 12’x10’x8.Five’. Specialized fiber splice tents are designed for floor paintings, aerial line paintings and plenty of other applications.

How to installation a fiber optic splice tent in just 30 seconds

1. Lift roof strut and uncover the fiberglass rods

2. Grab rods linked to roof struts-increase and spread

3. Raise excessive enough for bottom rods to unfold out tent side

four. Hold higher rod with one hand-push disc out and down with different hand

5. Grab rods linked to roof struts-improve and spread

6. Spread decrease legs push out and down

7. Pop out side

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